700,800,900 SERIES

Replace: HPC6615A/G


Color: Black (pigment, 25ml)
Printer model: DeskJet 810C, DeskJet 816C, DeskJet 840C, DeskJet 843C, DeskJet 825C, DeskJet 842C, DeskJet 845C, DeskJet 916C, DeskJet 920C, DeskJet 940C, DeskJet 3816, DeskJet 3820, DeskJet 6122, DeskJet 6127, OfficeJet V 40, OfficeJet PSC 750, OfficeJet PSC 950, OfficeJet PSC 500, OfficeJet PSC 5110


Replace: HP51645A


Color: Black (pigment, 25ml)
Printer model: DeskJet 6122, DeskJet 710C, DeskJet 720C, DeskJet 722C, DeskJet 815C, DeskJet 820Cxi, DeskJet 850C, DeskJet 870Cxi, DeskJet 880C, DeskJet 890C, DeskJet 895Cxi, DeskJet 930C, DeskJet 950C, DeskJet 959C, DeskJet 960C, DeskJet 970Cxi, DeskJet 980Cxi, DeskJet 990Cxi, DeskJet 995C, DeskJet 1100C, DeskJet 1120C, DeskJet 1125C, DeskJet 1220C, DeskJet 9300, DeskJet 1600C, DesignJet 700, DesignJet 750C, DesignJet 750C Plus, DesignJet 755CM, OfficeJet Pro 1150C, OfficeJet 1170C, OfficeJet 1175C, OfficeJet T 45, OfficeJet T 65, OfficeJet R 45, OfficeJet R 65, OfficeJet G 55, OfficeJet G 85, OfficeJet G 95, OfficeJet K 60, OfficeJet K 80, Fax 1220, PhotoSmart P1000, PhotoSmart P1100, PhotoSmart P1115, PhotoSmart P1215, PhotoSmart P1218, PhotoSmart P1315


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